Change Your Age® Teacher Guidelines


As you know, we do not currently require any yearly dues or other fees to teach the program, identify oneself as a Change Your Age teacher, and receive other benefits.
However, we do retain the commercial rights to the Change Your Age name and the rights to offer products under that name.
We are committed to making it easy for the CYA teachers to not only link to the site, but also to buy our products at a significant discount for resale to your students.
  1. You may have a website stating you are a Change Your Age® teacher but cannot use the branded title, "Change Your Age” as the name or part of the name of your web address, i.e. URL.
  2. You cannot identify your site as a "Change Your Age" site, meaning your web pages cannot have that as a main title or identifying title.  
  3. You can say you are a "Change Your Age®" certified teacher and must use the ® mark whenever using "Change Your Age®."
  4. Any content that is not part of the Change Your Age program cannot be labeled as part of the Change Your Age program.
  5. The sale or distribution of any Change Your Age content/material must be done through CYA.  When using CYA content/material for clients outside of your classes, we ask you either have clients purchase the material (books, DVDs) from Change Your Age or you may purchase the material from us at a 40% discount and sell directly to your clients at whatever price you'd like.  

We can provide icons for your website should you choose to include them.  And please take part in our Change Your Age Teachers page on Facebook ). This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need an invitation.

We will keep all CYA teachers updated as to the other milestones for Change Your Age and our upcoming activities.

Please encourage your students to follow us on Twitter and come to the Change Your Age Facebook site and "like" it and "share" it.  This will also contribute to the growth and success of the program.