Carolyn Garfinkel

Carolyn Garfinkel

Certified Change Your Age teacher

Studio City, CA


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Carolyn Garfinkel
Certifications: Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, Certified Change Your Age instructor, Certified Sounder Sleep Coach

Carolyn Garfinkel, Certified Change Your Age™ Instructor and Guild Certified  FeldenkraisPractitioner® works with individuals, athletes and performers seeking effortless, pain-free movement.  She has a private practice in Studio City, CA and teaches a public group class.  Carolyn assists clients in creating big transformations through the small, gentle movements of the Feldenkrais Method. Carolyn has 25 years of Yoga experience and is a certified teacher of the Sounder Sleep System. She has an ongoing teaching relationship with the Multiple Sclerosis Society and was featured at the Disney Cancer Center at St. Joseph’s Hospital and the Los Angeles’s Cedar Sinai Hospital’s Feldenkrais Expo.  Carolyn is committed to having all of her clients experience the freedom of youthful movement.



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