Karen Dold

Karen Dold

Certified Change Your Age teacher

Move with Elan
Chapel Hill, NC


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Karen Dold

Certifications: Feldenkrais Method® practitioner, Change Your Age® teacher, Bones for Life® teacher

Movement scientist Karen Dold is a Feldenkrais Method®, Change Your Age®, and Bones for Life® teacher with a background in research science, athletics, martial arts, and meditation. After exhausting all that medicine had to offer, Karen finally discovered freedom from the limitation and pain caused by an old chronic knee injury through The Feldenkrais Method. Now she offers this same possibility of regained freedom of movement and improved quality of life to others. Co-founder of Move With Elan (www.movewithelan.com), she has been teaching classes and workshops throughout the Triangle region of NC since 2000 and has private practices in Chapel Hill and Cary. She specializes in working with Baby Boomers like herself: athletes wanting to improve performance, those dealing with chronic injuries and pain, and those wanting to regain their youthful freedom of movement. Her students celebrate moving from pain and restriction to youthful ease and agility.


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