What’s the real secret to healthy aging? The key that unlocks your abilities in the Change Your Age program is the ability to regain lost coordination.
Lost coordination is something people never think about. Very often you’ll hear people say, “I’ve been working out at the gym and I’ve gotten stronger.” “I’ve been going for runs and I’m aerobically ahead of myself.” But hardly anybody says, “Hey, my coordination’s improved.”
But think for a moment about your coordination: Everything you do depends on it—from racing through an airport to walking across the street. You need your coordination to take an evening stroll with your dog and to walk your grandchildren around the mall.
Your ability to function and improve skills is really based on your coordination. When you got on a bicycle the first time, it wasn’t a matter of how strong your legs were, it was a matter of how coordinated and balanced you were.
If you can regain lost coordination, you don’t need to be that strong to do things. And you don’t need to be that flexible to do things. Because you’ll be more graceful, you’ll be able to move more easily, more skillfully and more youthfully.
We rarely say to our friends, “Hey, I want move more gracefully.” But actually that’s a key factor in the quality of your movement. The quality of your movement isn’t something we can measure so easily like strength or speed, but you can improve how smoothly and fluidly you move. You can learn to be more graceful by learning coordination.
The Change Your Age program tackles the challenge of regaining the coordination that you’ve lost and the skills that went with it in three unique ways.
The first, this program requires you to use your brain to move in new ways by weaving cognitive challenges with movement. In essence your brain becomes the core of your strength, your stability, your mobility, your balance, your timing—all the things that pertain to good movement.
The second unique feature: Change Your Age unlocks your senses. When you sense and feel more clearly how you’re performing your movements, you’ll be able to regain mobility that you lost years ago.  Activities that you think are beyond you now will become possible once again.
And finally, a third key feature found in Change Your Age is the use of developmental movements from childhood applied to adults – you remember back when we learned to move in so many new ways and so quickly. Back when we moved for the pure joy of moving.
Nothing will feel better than recapturing the joys of movement.
This isn’t an exercise routine that takes weeks or months to see results. Change Your Age is a holistic movement program and after just a couple weeks—sometimes even just after a weekend workshop—many people begin to experience a “younger” body and a “younger” mind, as I’ve seen with many of my clients.

For more movement lessons, tips and helpful routines, buy the Change Your Age book and the Change Your Age video program.