Like Zen meditation, movements in the Change Your Age program can be learned like any mindfulness technique, and like meditation, that may help in the management of a variety of conditions.

The more agile your mind, the more agile you can learn to make your brain. When we think of training ourselves to do a sport, to dance, to play a musical instrument, we think of it as a body training or as the mind teaching or controlling the body. But actually, with certain methods like the Change Your Age program and a variety of mind-body disciplines, it's the body that is training the brain. At the deepest neurological levels, the brain and the body function as an integral whole. We now know that even imagining a movement will cause muscle fibers to contract in the area of your body you imagine the movement.

Many people think they can't imagine how their body can perform an activity differently, but actually that's not completely true. If you picture yourself stepping on a sandy beach and you felt the texture of sand under your feet, the feeling of sand oozing between your toes, you are having an imagined experience that combines the kinesthetic and tactile senses with your visual senses. You might even smell the sea breeze and hear the sound of the waves lapping at the shoreline.

This simple kind of imaginary experience operates in a similar way to memories that we have. We can expand our memories, fill them with more detail, change them to a different time or a different place. All of these experiments with our memories and imaginations of our senses could be called mindfulness techniques and require a certain kind of concentration. Or some people might say, a certain kind of organized day dreaminess.

In learning new movements, you can learn how to change the way that your muscles, brain, joints, and organs all function together. And you can learn to make yourself younger because you can learn to move easier, with more lightness and dexterity.

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